Ski Pole Flask




Okay so I realize that not many of you out there are skiers (even though they rule), but you may want to consider switching with this product. Hard to put alcohol into your bindings. EXCESSIVE OR "BINGE" DRINKING CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH AND SHOULD BE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY. Alcohol should never be consumed in excess. the purchaser of this product agrees that they will be the sole user of this product. THIS ITEM IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED WHILE SKIING. THEY MAY BREAK AND CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. SKIING WHILE INTOXICATED OR IMPAIRED CAN LEAD TO TO SERIOUS INJURY AND DEATH. DRINKING ALCOHOL WHILE SKIING IS NOT RECOMMENDED IN ANY WAY. DORMGURU.COM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURIES OR DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT.