Power Hour DVD




Power Hour, Century Club, & Double Century Club (Sick & Twisted) DVD. EXCESSIVE OR "BINGE" DRINKING CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH AND SHOULD BE TAKEN VERY SERIOUSLY. Alcohol should never be consumed in excess. the purchaser of this product agrees that they will be the sole user of this product. Power Hour DVD! The Beer Man Says... DVD Drinking Game is all about sitting around with your friends in front of the big screen with shot glasses and your favorite beer. Turn up your favorite music and throw in the Power Hour VX Drinking DVD as your Party Starter. Don't worry, you won't be sitting around for long. This game is interactive and entertaining! Three Game Play Options - Power Hour - 60 Shots of Beer / 60 Minutes - Century Club - 100 Shots of Beer / 100 Minutes - Sick & Twisted - 200 Shots of Beer / 200 Minutes Compatibility... DVD - NTSC Video formatted for ALL Regions Plays on any of the following... - DVD Players (Regular and Handheld) - Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 - Playstation 2 & Playstation 3 - Computers & Laptops with DVD Drives - Anything that plays a standard DVD!