Dorm Vault 700 Laptop Safe for Dorm Room




This super hard steel dorm room safe specially designed for laptops up to 17" is a necessity for all laptop-toting students. Don't think it wont happen to you! This 16" x 13" x 5" safe weighing 9 pounds easily and painlessly attaches to the furniture in your dorm room; the leg of a desk, bed, or other immovable object. Combination padlock included. This safe will hold laptops up to 17" and still have room for personal accessories! It is sad to say but college safes are a necessity for any college student. Laptop computer theft is a major problem on campus. One source says that over 600,000 laptops are stolen in the US each year. Your laptop is not only expensive to buy, but the files and data that are put onto the computer are often priceless. IT WILL BE EASIER FOR A THIEF TO TAKE YOUR FURNITURE APART THEN TO REMOVE THIS SAFE!!!